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Martha Graham based Modern

The Graham technique is my first love. This modern class teaches Graham vocabulary and concepts. This includes the Graham floor exercises, center work, and combinations across the floor. 


Musical Theater Dance 


Starting with a basic warm-up using ballet and jazz techniques, across the floor is stylized and theatrical, with a combination from Broadway repertoire at the end.



This creative movement class provides an atmosphere for students to recognize and release the creativity inside. Personal expression is very important in all aspects of life, so prior dance training is not necessary on some levels.  In the more advanced classes, I will introduce improvisation techniques to help with physical discovery, development, and growth of personal choreographic style.

Movement for Actors


This class teaches actors basic dance vocabulary, basic anatomy, stretching, and breathing exercises.  I take the actors down a road of physical discovery, opening up the way they view their bodies as instruments. Every artist needs to investigate what it means to be human both physically and emotionally, this class gives the actor the tools to feel physically empowered in any scene and any audition.


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