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Musical Theater

Musical Theater Workshops:  

   1. DANCE - This three-hour workshop is an introduction to a few musical theater dance styles. I provide every student with a packet filled with valuable info. This workshop consists of a lecture, dance combinations, feedback, and a Q & A.


   2. TRIPLE THREAT - This workshop teaches what it means to be a triple threat. A Broadway dance number is taught, the vocal part is taught, and sides are given in advance.  Students will then perform the material. Feedback, notes, and a Q& A.


Movement for Actors

Movement for Actors Workshop:


This workshop teaches actors basic dance vocabulary, basic anatomy, stretching, and breathing exercises. This class has an open, less traditional structure. I try to take the non-dancing performer down a road of physical discovery, opening up the way they view their bodies as instruments. This workshop will give the actor the tools to feel physically empowered in any scene, and at any audition.



Audition Workshop: 

This workshop can be a few hours long and consists of a lecture, a mock dancing and singing audition with feedback, and a Q&A.


Students should come prepared with a picture and resume, they should prepare 16 bars of a musical theater song for the singing audition, and the dance combo will be taught on the spot.


Improvisation Workshop: 

This workshop provides an atmosphere for students to recognize and release personal creativity; it investigates the full range of the human body as a tool for communication.  It seeks to free the artist of habitual movement and expand personal vocabulary.  In the more advanced classes, I introduce improvisation techniques to help with personal choreographic style. This is the perfect workshop for singers who move well, actors, and non-dancing artists.


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