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Musical Theater

1. Three-hour DANCE workshop offers an introduction to various musical theater dance styles. Each student receives a packet filled with valuable information. This workshop includes a lecture, dance combinations, feedback, and a Q&A session. Join me to enhance your dance skills and knowledge.

2. The TRIPLE THREAT workshop teaches what it takes to be a triple threat in the entertainment industry. Students will learn a Broadway dance number, a vocal part, and receive sides in advance. After a short rehearsal, students will perform the material and receive feedback, notes, and a Q&A session. Join me to become a versatile performer.

Movement for Actors

The Movement for Actors Workshop is designed to equip actors with fundamental dance vocabulary, basic anatomy, stretching, and breathing exercises. The class adopts an open and less conventional structure, aimed at guiding non-dancing performers towards physical discovery and a new perspective on their bodies as instruments. By attending this workshop, actors will gain the necessary tools to feel physically empowered in any scene or audition.

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My Audition Workshop is designed to help emerging performers improve their audition skills. The workshop lasts a few hours and includes a lecture, a mock audition with feedback, and a Q&A session.

To make the most of the workshop, students should bring a picture and resume, prepare a contemporary monologue, and 16 bars of a musical theater song (if requested).


The Improvisation Workshop is designed to foster an environment where students can unleash their creativity and explore the full potential of their bodies as a means of expression. The workshop aims to break free from habitual movements and expand personal vocabulary. In advanced classes, improvisation techniques are introduced to aid in developing a unique choreographic style. This workshop can also be ideal for singers with movement skills, actors, and non-dancing artists.

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