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The Artistry Center Network-


Krisha has launched a new network!

This network is for performing artists interested in a global connection with like-minded creators, ready to share resources, experiences, and ideas on how to successfully run the business of self!  This network is for performing artists interested in abolishing their 'Starving Artist' mentality, ready to embrace abundance, knowledge, prosperity, and wellness!


ArtistryU -


Artistry U is The ArtistryCenter's online classroom.  This is where you can find The Artistry Center's curriculum for living an effective, creative and prosperous life of an artist.  


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The Artistry Center -


Krisha has a new company!

 The Artistry Center provides private coaching to performing artists on artistic and entrepreneurial wellness.


Learn how to craft the business of your career, get industry secrets on thriving as an artist, and the business savvy to ensure longevity.


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